Debt Settlement Areas Served

New Era Debt Solutions has helped thousands of consumers settle their debt quickly through ethical, low-cost channels. Here’s how we can help you get started with debt settlement:


  1. Give New Era Debt Solutions a call at 800.527.4421 for a free consultation.
  2. Make sure you understand how to succeed.
  3. Explore the options available that have worked for other people in the following states:
Alabama Louisiana* Ohio*
Alaska Maryland* Oklahoma
Arizona Massachusetts Pennsylvania
Arkansas Michigan Rhode Island*
California Minnesota* South Carolina*
Colorado* Mississippi* Tennessee*
Connecticut* Missouri Texas
Delaware* Montana* Utah*
Florida Nebraska Vermont*
Georgia* Nevada* Virginia
Hawaii* New Hampshire* Washington State*
Idaho* New Jersey* West Virginia*
Illinois* New Mexico Wisconsin*
Indiana New York Wyoming*
Kansas* North Dakota*

New Era Debt Solutions also operates in most cities nationwide, with hubs in many major metropolitan areas:

* In association with Consumer First Legal Network (CFLN).