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New Era Debt Solutions is one of the leading debt settlement companies with people-friendly & trustworthy service. We are proud to have an A+ rating with the BBB and 5 stars with TrustPilot. If you are not sure whether debt settlement is right for you read our debt settlement reviews on how we were able to help our clients get free from debt.

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Randy WillisRandy Willis
17:35 18 Mar 23
Had a great experience with New Era. Whole team was helpful and allowed me to ask so many questions and explained things all along the way. Special shout out to my guy Jason S and all the work he did for my accounts to settle.This is not a quick process at all, but they helped me get out of credit card infinitely faster and at a crazy discount!Please choose new era!!
Julie EnglishJulie English
17:29 19 Jan 23
New Era Debt Solutions helped my husband and I get out of debt. They are efficient and very helpful. Whenever I had a question they were right there to answer whether it be by email or phone. I highly recommend this company!! Thank you everyone at New Era that helped us!!
Maddacci LeMaddacciMaddacci LeMaddacci
17:28 21 Dec 22
Worked with New Era for 3 years and had absolutely no issues with their work. All communications and requests were handled promptly and without incident. They do what they say they’re going to do. Responsiveness is certainly an asset in this business, and they are great in that aspect - customer service is outstanding. Thank you New Era!
GieFaan KimGieFaan Kim
22:05 02 Dec 22
The best part about smaller companies is that they truly care! I was impressed with their ability to navigate through the process and keep a lament like me informed. I naturally had some doubts, but they came through! Serious thank you to Jason and the entire team~
Dianne BeardDianne Beard
00:16 03 Nov 22
My interaction with New Era has been nothing but excellent. They promptly respond to any correspondence from creditors or me. They have come to an acceptable resolution on each account. I would encourage anyone to contact them. Thanks
Carolina RivasCarolina Rivas
03:34 10 Dec 21
Where would I be if not for New Era financially.They help me pay off all my debts and they are so professional. If not for them I would be drowning in debt with no a way out, I could have lost my home.They did all the work, even when I was served with a lawsuit they assured me not to worry.A shoutout to Cici who always return my calls right away if I had any questions or did not understand something.So if you feel you have nowhere to turn because of financial reasons please check out New Era Debt Solution, I know I’m glad I did.
michelle pricemichelle price
20:05 28 Sep 21
New Era Dept Solutions is helping me eliminate my dept. I've been struggling for years to pay it off but I've been fighting breast cancer along the way. Im a 3 time cancer survivor but cancer isn't cheap.Thank you again New Era for supporting me.Michelle Price
Navina SabnaniNavina Sabnani
02:33 22 Sep 21
New Era is a great company to work. All the employees work hard to help you in settling the debts you owe. Extremely responsive and willing to listen to you. Way to go!
Karen RossKaren Ross
23:29 22 Jul 21
New Era Debt relief has truly been a wonderful experience for me! I am no longer dealing with threatening phone calls throughout the day. They have been able to negotiate settlements for me and my credit score is finally going up instead of down. I highly recommend this company if you are in a bind with creditors-I am so happy to have them working for me!
John GalvanJohn Galvan
20:29 11 Jun 21
Amazing Settlement Company that works hard for you!This is not a loan or a consolidation debt company. It is a settlement company. I didn't quite understand at first, but I'm VERY glad I went with them! It was the best choice for my business debt. I was overwhelmed and at a breaking point. These guys were so professional, compassionate, and easy to work with. Always available for support and give you tools and tips for rebuilding your credit and financial responsibility. Thank you for helping me get my life back!
London AmesLondon Ames
00:46 14 May 21
This company saved me from YEARS of debt, and if my review helps one person, it’s worth it!I had 20k+ debt, and they helped me (and by helped I mean did ALL the work) to negotiate it down to an incredible amount, and I was able to pay it all off in 3 years. They are always available to answer any questions, they were so friendly, so communicative, and they’re incredible at what they do. I was so skeptical about fully trusting some random company I found online to manage so much of my money, but I’m so glad I did!Debt free!! 10 stars, thank you all at New Era SO much if you read this!
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New Era Debt Solutions provide debt resolution services also known as debt settlement. Debt settlement is the negotiation of unsecured debt on behalf of consumers who are experiencing financial hardship.