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What Sets Us Apart

Compare The Benefits of New Era vs Other Debt Settlement Companies

Use the chart below to check off what benefits the other companies offer as to what New Era offers. You can see right away what sets our company apart.

3.Attorneys on staff to help negotiate on client’s behalf

Benefits New Era Them
1. BBB A+ Rating
2. No upfront fees
4. 100% Compliant with new FTC ruling
5. 15 Years of experience
6. Settled over $200 Million
7. Full disclosure company and transparent with success rates
8. Hundreds of 100% completed clients
9. Client is in control of their own money
10. Account management team assigned to every client
11. Team of professional expert negotiators
12. Key relationships with creditors (It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!)
13. Personal online client site with tools and tracking
14. Discounts to Military Personnel and Veterans.
15. DataNet proprietary software management system
16. Real office and a real address
17. Everything done under one roof compared to others that outsource
18. Friendly web site with real testimonials from real people
19. Knowledgeable and accessible staff of real people in the USA
20. Great reputation

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Over $200,000,000 Debt Settled Since 1999!
New Era Debt Solutions BBB Business Review
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