Our Clients Tell the Story Best

Since 1999, New Era has helped thousands of people – just like you – get out from under massive monthly debt payments and go on to live a financially secure life. Here’s what they have to say about New Era.

Audio Testimonials

“I was laid off from my job…and I had about $25,000 in debt and had to use all of my savings.”


“The help I was getting to pay off loans went away…then I ran across New Era.”


“I had a major debt problem around $70,000. It was time to put it to an end.”


“I was in debt, and I needed help. They are there for you for whatever you need.”


“New Era Debt Solutions has been, for me, a true friend in my time of most dire need.”


“I was spending too much money…and I didn’t know what else to do.”


“We were making our minimum payments on our credit cards, and we weren’t getting anywhere.”


“I really want to thank New Era for all they have done for me. They gave me the confidence to follow through…”


“I had been in debt over my head. I wasn’t really making a dent in what I owed.”


“I was involved in an LLC business with some other people…$18,000 of credit card debt was in my name.”


Written Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of speaking and working with Alex and Dan at New Era and, for the record, they are both true advocates for consumers facing financial trouble, their performance speaks volumes. … These guys are the real deal.”

Michael Reilly, CDS Emerge America

After completing my program I just felt free! And now without debt I know I have control of my life again. Thanks to your dedication to keeping focused even when I was unsure. You are heaven sent!”

J.V. Agoura California

You will probably never know the impact you have in my life or others in our situation for that matter. It doesn’t seem to matter how impossible or desperate things are, I just have to call my 888 number and you know exactly what to do.”

L. W. Maynooth, Ontario, Canada

I have only a few more payments on the current settlement, and then there’s only one more to go. I’m really pleased with how this has all worked out. I’m not sure if you know how my financial problems got started, but it was primarily due to my contracting cancer. … right now, I’ve been cancer free for 9 months, and everything indicates that I probably won’t have a recurrence. … Getting on top of the debt has relieved so much stress, I’m certain that it has had a positive effect on my recovery. … I’m very grateful for the assistance from New Era. It has helped us more than I can express.”

L. Taipale

“I can’t thank you enough for what you guys have done for me. I am finally able to live without the crushing burden of debt! I have just gotten married and now have a great life, all the while rebuilding my credit and spending responsibly.”

L. Taipale