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We all like the convenience of paying for things with a credit card. It’s even commonplace to use the card a bit too much, and to live with more debt than you like. Most people handle debt, even though they might not like to, and they make it through without using debt relief programs. But when an unexpected crisis happens, such as illness or job loss, the debt cannot be paid. This is where debt settlement companies become a lifesaver.

What is a Debt Relief Program?

A debt relief program is a structured plan that allows you to pay off your debts calmly over a period of time. Successful debt relief programs typically last for three to five years, and in certain cases longer; in which during that time, you make monthly payments to the debt relief company assisting you and acting on your behalf.

In this, case, the experienced team at New Era Debt Solutions would filter that money to pay off your creditors in a safe and effective way. In some cases, the creditors may agree to accept less than the full amount owed. The debt relief program also usually includes negotiated settlements with creditors who historically have been more difficult to work with. That’s why it’s important to hire a team that can guide you the right way.

The other benefit of a debt relief program is that it relieves you from filing bankruptcy, which can damage your credit score and affect future employment opportunities. Depending on the debt relief program you go with, you may need to come up with an initial lump sum payment in order to get the process started. Once you start making payments, you’ll notice the debt begin to reduce

There are many types of programs available, so make sure you research what’s best for your needs before committing yourself. Most people find they need expert debt relief advice when setting up a program. You can find that in New Era Debt Solutions. If you’re considering this option, be sure to check out all the rules beforehand and dig even deeper with one of our professionals.

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We have helped our clients settle over $275,000,000 in debt since 1999. Contact us today to speak to a debt relief program specialist at New Era Debt Solutions.

Understanding the Process of Debt Relief

Maze of cashIf debt relief programs become a necessity for you, and you choose debt settlement as your best option, you will stop making payments to your creditors and start making payments into a trust account. The funds that accumulate in this account are then used as follows:

  • They are used as leverage to negotiate your balances down with your creditors.
  • When a settlement is reached your creditors will be paid.
  • Typically, you can see savings of around 50% off the balance.
  • The faster your trust funds accumulate, the faster you get out.

No matter how well we might plan our lives, things can happen. You can be sure that people who go through natural disasters need debt relief programs. People who have enormous hospital bills often find themselves in need of debt settlement companies. The list is endless. When you get the help of debt relief experts, you are doing the best thing you can do in this situation.

Benefits of a Debt Relief Program

Leave debt behind you signA Debt Relief Program at New Era Debt Solutions will give you:

  • Ease of Mind. Making a plan for reducing debt can help you alleviate stress & anxiety and help get your financial life back on track.
  • Huge Savings. You can get relief from overwhelmingly large amounts of debt. A debt relief program can reduce interest rates, monthly payments, and even the overall sum of debt owed by over 50%. Get help from one of the most affordable debt relief companies on the market.
  • Fast, Simple & Easy Solutions. Simplify your debt into one payment each month & let our team handle the information for you. Pay your debt off faster with a debt relief program instead of creating more debt and sticking to longer payment schedules.
  • Advice from a professional. Get professional advice with a financial counseling session when using a debt relief program.
  • Get freedom from debt faster. Many of our clients that enroll in a debt relief program are able to repay the entirety of their debt in less than 5 years.

The Right Debt Relief Company for You

Debt relief programs at New Era Debt Solutions aim to help you formulate a strategy to repay the sum in a timely manner & retake control of your finances. First, you’ll meet with a credit history specialist and we’ll review your economic circumstance to obtain a clear photo of what you owe as well as some approaches for how to best pay it off. Then we’ll work with you to develop an affordable repayment budget– something you can live with, yet one that will help you make substantial progress toward becoming free of debt.

As part of our debt management plans, our counselors will often advise consolidating settlements on your debts. Unlike restructuring or consolidation debt where a new loan is often taken out, settlement allows you to reduce your debt without taking on other financial obligations. The reduced monthly payment is collected by your debt settlement company & then disbursed to your lenders in your place on behalf of the agreed-upon settlement.

Additionally, our debt relief program team has years of experience in calling your financial institutions to attempt to reduce your interest rates, eliminate late costs & over-limit fees, and lower your monthly costs. Reduce debt while alleviating stress with an experienced debt relief company at New Era Debt Solutions.

Relief from Debt is Just a Call Away

If you feel like you’re drowning in the red and don’t understand how to start alleviating the pressure, a debt management plan from the experienced debt professionals at New Era Debt Solutions can show you the way. Our experts are ready to discuss debt relief programs with you and find the best solution for your specific situation.

Contact us today to discuss your financial options with a debt relief program specialist.