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A Client Success Story: From Financial Hardship to Homeowner

One of our clients from Lancaster, California recently shared an inspirational and encouraging success story about their journey to financial freedom. This story makes us proud to be in business helping consumers gain control of their spending and make the next big steps in their lives. For people like our client from Lancaster, being able to achieve financial freedom meant buying a house. We are happy to have made an impact in someone’s life and look forward to helping others achieve their financial goals. Below, we share the letter he sent to us.

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How to Keep Medical Costs Low

There is a common misconception about people who struggle with managing their finances. They are burdened by prejudgments made by people that immediately dismiss them as individuals unable to control their spending. This could not be further from the truth in most cases. There is one type of expense that has created financial burdens for consumers, and it has been a large contributing factor as to why individuals file for bankruptcy.

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Adjusting Budgets Based on Life Changes

It can take some time to adopt a new pattern or lifestyle based on changes in your life. No matter the size or impact of these changes, adjusting can be mentally and physically challenging. While dealing with these adjustments, how do you manage your finances accordingly? New Era offers our best tips for reworking your budget to accommodate life’s unexpected changes.

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Fresh Financial Start in the Fall

There is something about the fall season that inspires fresh starts and changes. As someone looking to give your finances the fresh start they deserve, autumn is a great time to create new habits and tackle your personal finance goals. New Era Debt Solutions reveals why you should use fall as an opportunity to get your finances on track instead of putting them in hibernation mode.

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