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Second Jobs for Earning Extra Cash This Summer

If you’ve recently found yourself struggling with rising debts, you might find that allocating the money you need to repay your creditors is a serious challenge. After all, many Americans are living with already-strained finances, and finding places to cut back can be difficult. Sometimes, there’s nothing left to cut from your budget and you still can’t manage minimum payments. Fortunately, now that summer is just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to apply for a secondary job as a way of making up some extra cash for your monthly payments.

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Cost-Cutting Tips for Parents with College Students

As a parent, it is crucial to lay the foundations of financial success for your children before they venture off to college and are faced with the difficulties of managing money on their own. Whether you are helping your child out with their college expenses or are expecting them to pay for the majority of them, New Era offers parents cost-cutting tips to help your kids save money during their semesters away at college.

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Tips for Staying Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you’re Irish or not, most of us will find a reason to wear our best green attire and down a Guinness on March 17.

But celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can involve unexpected expenses you didn’t budget for if you’re not careful. When you’re having a good time out with all your friends, it can be easy to lose track of how much you’re really spending on food, drink, and fun festivities.

New Era Debt Solutions encourages you to celebrate responsibly, starting with your finances:

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Don’t Be Scared, Get Prepared for Tax Season

It’s a new year, which means we’ve passed through the most wonderful time of the year and are inching closer to another important season – tax filing time. It doesn’t matter if you’re outsourcing your tax filing to an expert or handling it on your own; you need to start preparing now if you want to avoid procrastination and potential errors with your finances.

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