4 Second Jobs for Earning Extra Cash This Summer

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If you’ve recently found yourself struggling with rising debts, you might find that allocating the money you need to repay your creditors is a serious challenge. After all, many Americans are living with already-strained finances, and finding places to cut back can be difficult. Sometimes, there’s nothing left to cut from your budget and you still can’t manage minimum payments. Fortunately, now that summer is just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to apply for a secondary job as a way of making up some extra cash for your monthly payments.

The following jobs are some of the best options for people wanting to make money fast, without necessarily having to get extra qualifications before the summer is in full-swing.

Find A Second Job That Works for You

Medical Transcriber

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys listening to the lingo they use on shows like House, Grey’s Anatomy, and ER, you may get a kick out of working as a medical transcriber for a second job. These workers are responsible for transcribing audio recordings created by healthcare professionals and doctors, transforming them into readable reports. Plenty of employers in this field are happy to offer on-the-job training if you’re unsure about your skills.Median wages for medical transcription are higher than minimum wage, and you get the opportunity to spend your extra hours of work in a comfortable office setting. What’s more, many gigs will allow you to work in weekends and evenings, which is ideal for a job to pay off extra debts.

Pet Sitting

Here’s a second job you can do from home! The growth of web-based independent contractor companies means that inviting new furry friends into your home just got a lot easier. Websites like Rover and DogVacay connect pet owners with animal lovers to care for their pets when they’re away. You read that right: people will give you money to hang out with their dogs. This is a great option since it’s fun and you can make your own schedule. Think of it as a hobby that happens to pay. Anytime you get paid, direct that money toward paying down your debt. Little by little, you’ll see your balance decrease. Another great benefit of pet sitting is that spending quality time with visiting furballs is great for lowering stress levels and improving mental health.

Customer Service

If you’re good with people and you have a relatively professional phone voice, you could be great in the customer service field. While the idea of a customer service career – even on a part-time basis – can be worrying to some people, there are many opportunities out there that aren’t quite as soul-crushing as the industry name suggests.Because peak times in customer service typically take place during early mornings, weekends, and late evenings, a job in a call center can be a good opportunity to grab extra working hours around your existing shifts. It’s also a great way to get your foot in the door with a company that could provide opportunities for advancement.

Virtual Assistant

Detail-oriented and organized individuals with a strong understanding of computers and technology can seek out a virtual assistant position if they know how to properly advertise themselves online. As a virtual assistant, you may be responsible for setting up meetings and appointments, typing out letters for clients, restructuring filing systems, or making hotel reservations. Basically, the activities that an administrative assistant would perform in an office setting can be completed by a virtual assistant from home. This means that virtual assistants can frequently choose their own work hours – particularly in association with tasks that have no strict deadline.

Second Job FAQs

What are some potential benefits of having a second job?

Aside from the extra income that one can earn with a second job, they also allow you to expand on your experience, work in new industries, get extra employee benefits, improve skills, and they build up your resume in general. Successfully working two jobs can look impressive in your job history for future employers, showing them that you’re capable of balancing a large work load efficiently.

Can an employer stop me from getting a second job?

The legality of whether or not your current employer can stop you from getting a second job will vary by law from state to state, but the first thing you should look at to try to figure this out is your employee contract. If your employer has included a non-compete clause in your employee contract, then this addition may forbid you from taking on job that have a conflict of interest with your current employer or it may completely forbid other jobs. However, non-compete clauses are not likely to be enforceable by law in states such as Montana, Oklahoma, North Dakota, or California.

Even if your employee contract does not include this section, it is typically a safe idea to check with your HR department for clarity before finding a second employer.

Choosing a Second Job

When it comes to selecting a second job to help you earn extra cash for debt repayment purposes, the ideal choice is one that fits with your schedule requirements and skillset. Just make sure that your second job doesn’t conflict with your primary occupation such that you’d end up losing more money than you make.

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