How to succeed in a Debt Settlement program

In debt settlement – as with most things – some people succeed while others don’t. We want you to be one of the successes. Here are five tips to help you do it.

1. Choose the right Debt Settlement firm.

Your debt settlement firm plays a critical role in your debt reduction success. They are your partners – working diligently to negotiate the best deals for you and to help you stay on track. Don’t make this decision lightly.

2. Communicate.

Because the people on your debt settlement team are your partners, be sure to stay in touch. Respond to their messages and let them know what you are thinking.

3. Make your payments.

This is obvious, but warrants mentioning. To succeed in a debt settlement program you must make your escrow payments. If you’re unable to make one, let your account manager know.

4. Stay tough and stay focused.

Debt settlement is an aggressive approach, and your creditors may try to scare you back into the cycle of payments. Your debt settlement team members are there to help you succeed. Call on them whenever you need support.

5. Be prepared for the deals.

New Era negotiators are experts at getting you some awesome deals. But the offers don’t last forever. The most successful debt settlement clients are ready and willing to respond immediately.

Are YOU ready to succeed?

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