New Era is the fastest, safest path to debt relief.

Imagine yourself writing one affordable check each month. No more bills piling up. No more making excuses to creditors. No more mentally kicking yourself for getting into such a stressful situation.

Sound impossible? It’s not. Thousands have done it and you can too.

Take a look around our Success Center. Discover how and why so many New Era clients have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.


Helping our clients get back on their feet is the most important goal at New Era. We celebrate each success and are humbled by the extraordinary praises our clients give us.

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Success Stories

Unemployment, health problems, divorce and sometimes just plain financial mismanagement drive many people to the brink of financial disaster every day. Read real stories of New Era clients who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

How to Ensure Your Success

Success in a debt settlement program takes a special person with a real willingness to become debt-free. But with New Era you’re not all alone. Read our five tips for ensuring success.