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7 Financial Resolutions to Make for the New Year

For a lot of people, slimming down their waistlines is a fairly common New Year’s resolution. But we want to make sure your wallet is the one thing that doesn’t slim down in the New Year!

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Make the Holidays Memorable Without Blowing Your Budget

We hope you didn’t spend all of your holiday savings on Black Friday, but regardless we want to help you create an unforgettable holiday with your family and friends. Most of your money can easily be spent on holiday gifts, so we’re going to give you our tips on how to make the holidays memorable without blowing your budget.

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Stay Out of the Red, Resist Black Friday

On Thanksgiving, many Americans will ignore the irony of stampeding through stores the very same evening that they reflected on what they’re grateful for.

Of course, Black Friday isn’t all bad – after all, this shopping day can prove successful for small businesses as well as employees who are paid time and a half for working the day of or after Thanksgiving. And for some shoppers, the adrenaline that comes with hunting for the best bargains is an annual family tradition.

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Does Medical Debt Go Away After Seven Years?

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you didn’t have health insurance or were under-insured, you may be faced with some medical debt. Two-thirds of Americans state that they are “very worried” (38 percent) or “somewhat worried” (29 percent) about being able to afford unexpected medical bills for themselves or their family. A surprise medical bill can be an extremely stressful occurrence, especially if you’re already facing debt.

You may have heard that medical debt disappears after seven years. Like all myths, the “seven-year-rule” does have a grain of truth to it—but medical bill debt forgiveness is not as easy as it sounds. In most situations it’s better to pay off the debt before it hits the seven-year mark in order to avoid harassment and the potential for a lawsuit.

New Era Debt Relief explains what can happen when medical debt is ignored:

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