School’s out for summer: budget-friendly kids’ activities

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School’s out but the budget is tight. Debt has got you stressed and now you have to worry about how you’re going to entertain the kids over summer vacation and keep them out of trouble. Fortunately, there are many recreational activities your family can enjoy together without breaking the bank.

Whether you have pre-schoolers or high-schoolers, there’s an activity to keep kids of any age occupied and engaged. Read on to discover some free or inexpensive ways you can get your kids out of the house and socializing.

The Great Outdoors

Get the kids away from the monotony of television programming and visit one of the many national and state parks across the United States. Some parks allow free entry for people who walk or bike into the area, while many others offer cheap entry fees per car rather than per person. If you live in California, you can check out state-wide park admission fees here. The National Park Service also offers affordable annual America the Beautiful Passes that allow entrance to more than 2,000 federally operated parks across the country.

Bird-watching, canoeing, tubing, hiking, camping, and mountain-biking are just a few of the fresh air activities you can enjoy as a family.

Keep the learning alive: don’t let your children’s education lapse over the summer

A library card is free! Don’t let those learning skills get dusty. Create a reading challenge for your kids or have them sign up for free for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge to log their minutes and get free weekly prizes. Aside from having a vast book collection, local libraries stage fun activities, such as story time, puppet shows, and interactive play areas, that are great for the little ones.

Art, history, and science museums are also a great way to supplement your child’s education. Many museums offer free admission on specific days each month. You can plan a free trip to one of the many California exhibits using this list.

Pinterest: DIY fun      

Pinterest is an invaluable tool for DIYers and penny pinchers. There’s never a lack of ideas for fun activities that can be done using items you can find around the house. From homemade slime to crafts with trash, you’ll have no problem finding something your kid will enjoy.

Bonus: We recommend you search “DIY cardboard mazes” on Pinterest. You will not be disappointed.

If you want to get your kids interested in science, there are also many DIY experiments that are safe for the wee ones, including vinegar and baking soda volcanoes, static electricity with balloons, and egg drops.

Good old-fashioned BBQs

BBQs and potlucks are the ultimate social experience. Your kids can hone their social skills and learn cooperation and problem-solving with fun outdoor activities. Horseshoe toss, lawn scrabble, and egg-spoon races are all games you can put together with items you probably have lying around the house. If you have come carpentry skills, you can even build a giant Jenga or cornhole set for relatively cheap.

You don’t need to dazzle your kids with bright lights and big bangs. Most children just want to spend time with their family. In fact, quality family time can improve cognitive, behavioral, and emotional outcomes later in life, allowing children to become high-functioning, well-adapted adults.

Family bonding can also help you find a purpose in life that is far more valuable than the dollar. If you feel like debt is preventing you from focusing on your family, contact New Era Debt Solutions. We can help you get your life back and your finances on track with a debt settlement option that’s right for you.