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Debt Consolidation Does Not Always Require a Loan

Often you will see advertisement for debt consolidation as a form of debt relief. Debt consolidation is a way to help with multiple high-interest debts and can be a good solution for some.

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Living the American Dream While in Debt

Once you achieve the American Dream, you’ve made it, right? Society says you must have 2.5 kids and a home with a white picket fence to achieve this dream. If you’re in debt, this ideal American life may seem impossible to achieve, which can be discouraging. Buying a house is one of the more difficult achievements, especially if you have massive debt. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely out of reach. It’s still possible to buy a house if you’re already in debt.
Even if you currently have too much debt to get a mortgage approved, these tips will get you closer to a home of your own:

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6 Ways to Get Help Saving for Retirement

When you are young and working, retirement savings may be put on the back burner out of necessity in order to pay off more immediate bills and debt. If so, you are not alone. A shocking 36% of Americans have yet to begin saving for retirement. In fact, 41% say they don’t even have $500 socked away for emergencies. But without retirement savings or a retirement plan you will not be able to maintain your standard of living when you retire. Although retirement may seem far away and it may seem very difficult to save, saving money now has major benefits.

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