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5 Tips for Setting New Years Spending Resolutions

For many people, the start of a new year is a reality check. You can certainly be forgiven for being reluctant to let go of the thrill and excitement of the holidays, but that excitement is no excuse to fall back into old, harmful financial habits.

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What Your Credit Card Debt Is Really Costing You

According to a new study, Americans now carry an average credit card balance of $15,355. At the average interest rate of 18%, it costs $6,658 per year to maintain that balance – and that’s just credit card interest payments, not even making a dent in the principal credit card balance.

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How You Can Clear Your Unsecured Debt

First things first: what’s the difference between secured and unsecured debt? Unsecured debts are those which aren’t exclusively tied to a physical asset. The debt on your car loan would be secured debt. The debt on your credit card is unsecured.

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Our Commitment to Truth and Transparency

At New Era Debt Solutions, we understand the pain and frustration that has become almost synonymous with debt relief — many companies offer assistance that is nothing more than subtle manipulation.

Over $275,000,000 Debt Settled Since 1999!
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