Our Commitment to Truth and Transparency

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Despite the oversight and consumer protection laws in place to ensure debt settlement companies act with compassion and transparency, some engage in unethical business practices to squeeze more money out of their clients, creating a painful and unnecessary burden. People struggling with debt are seeking relief, leading many of these companies to find that they are vulnerable to deception and that underhanded debt settlement and debt negotiation practices can be carried out without consequence.

At New Era Debt Solutions, we understand the pain and frustration that has become almost synonymous with debt relief — many companies offer assistance that is nothing more than subtle manipulation.

Ushering in a New Era

There is nothing ethical about deliberately misleading clients and demanding more money than they can reasonably give in exchange for the promise of relief.

Our name is our vision. We strive to provide a new and safe alternative to companies that claim to offer debt settlement assistance, but who ultimately offer clients very little in the way of relief.

New Era Debt Solutions believes in honesty and transparency, and we are committed to telling the truth and sharing our history with customers before they choose to hire us.

Our Long History

Since a new year is on its way, we’ve decided to share some background information with all of you.

New Era has been in operation since 1999. The company began when co-founders Alex Viecco and Dan Smith decided to launch a financial consulting firm. DTS Financial was a successful venture, but Viecco and Smith quickly noticed a common thread amongst all of the firm’s most trusted clients — they were all struggling under the unnecessary burden of high debt, which made it a challenge to design financial plans in the face of a uncertain financial future.

As Viecco and Smith began navigating the debt settlement space along with providing financial consulting services, they learned more about clients’ concerns about debt relief. By the mid-2000s, it was clear that debt settlement was the firm’s most coveted service and, by 2007, New Era was open for business.

Setting and Surpassing Standards

We are proud to say that we have recognized among the top three debt settlement companies nationwide. We take pride in the work we do and believe that being chosen as one of the top debt settlement companies in the country is a very high honor, particularly in light of repeated reports of abusive practices from competitors.

What Makes Us Different?

Simply put, New Era Debt Solutions is different because we care about our clients. We tend to attract clients who are dedicated to paying off their debts and seeking a brighter financial future. Our customers see that we want to help them, and in turn they’re reinforced in their commitment and they don’t get frustrated or drop out of the program. We have successfully assisted thousands of clients settle their debt and achieve peace of mind – New Era recently surpassed $275,000,000 in settled debt.

We use a performance-based model, rather than upfront charges to financially stressed clients. Although debt settlement agencies have been required to use this model since 2010, many continue to ask for initial down payments, taking advantage of clients who may not be aware of laws in place to protect them.

The majority of our clients remain with us through the entire process. Our dropout rate is currently 19.93%, much lower than many of our competitors’ dropout rates.

Settle Your Debt Sooner

Debt settlement companies typically design their programs to be completed fully within three to four years. New Era takes pride in our ability to help clients complete the program within an average of 27.73 months.

How much do our clients settle, on average? Review our debt settlement statistics for more information about our settlement averages. Taking into account additional fees charged by creditors, and the growth of interest over time, we still manage to help clients save an average of 56.27%.

New Era Debt Solutions is an industry leader with a passion for helping clients. We have a long and consistent track record and continue to assist many clients who are heavily burdened by debt and require immediate relief.