The Best Tips for Saving

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That new set of strappy little heels… The latest iPhone or tech gadget… A night out at the bar with all your friends… It seems we have a hundred and one reasons to spend, but is there anything out there inspiring us to save?

For some, saving money can be a real chore. There’s so many fun things out there tempting us that we forget money is sometimes best when it’s just put aside. For those looking to stop spending and start saving, here are a few things that will inspire your newfound behavior:

  • Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is never fun. Between the added interest, the collection calls, and the low self-esteem that comes after, hefty balances on the plastic in your wallet feels like a constant pressure. If you’re accumulating debt and it’s weighing you down, remember these feelings before spending money on that expensive meal or those chic running shoes.

  • Future Family

If you’ve ever fancied the idea of raising a family, now’s the time to start saving. Having children is no easy feat. In fact, recent statistics show parents spend an average of $250K on each child, which means two may cost upwards of half-a-million. You want the best for your children, so why straddle yourself with debt and feel worried every time they need clothes or education supplies? Before spending, think of your children. Whatever you’re eyeing probably won’t look as tempting anymore.

  • New Car/ House

The student debt crisis is putting younger generations in dire straits, and many will have trouble qualifying for good housing or auto loans. Who would have known going to school could come back to haunt you? But student loans shouldn’t make you feel like giving up. Saving money and paying off what you owe could build the credit you need to provide for yourself and your family. The house or the car you’ll use to get to work or take your children to school doesn’t have to be out of reach. You just need to know how and when to save.

  • Personal Freedom

As human beings, we all want to be free. We want that liberty to take vacations here and there- to enjoy time off and not be tied down by all our expenses and responsibilities. This gets very boring, and life can’t be all about work, can it? There’s got to be some room for play. If you’ve ever thought about seeing the world or taking a few weeks for yourself, what better reason is there to start saving? Decide on a destination and research the best places to stay and what there is to do. What’s important to you? Would you rather stay in a larger hotel, or have more money for activities? Such a venture calls for some intricate planning, and part of that involves putting your funds away, so if you’re in a store and see something you like, remember that whatever you plunk down could be going towards that lavish vacation.

  • Feeling Secure

Sometimes, feeling secure is a reward in itself. We need those afternoons when we can just sit and enjoy the fact that our financial burdens are minimal or non-existent. Debt, both big or small, festers in the backs of our minds, and sometimes, just being able to take it easy and put our worries to rest is all we need to have a good day. If you want this, maybe it’s time to start putting less money into material pleasures and more into your savings account.

It can be especially difficult to find inspiration for saving when you are in debt. If you are drowning in unsecured debt and need help, contact us today. We want to help you save money by discussing your debt settlement options with you.