The Benefits of Financial Freedom

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It has been said that with great risk comes great reward. You should not have to feel like you are gambling with your finances when you work with a debt relief company to achieve financial freedom though. In this week’s blog, New Era Debt Solutions reveals the benefits of financial freedom when you work with us to resolve the debt you owe.

Self-Care and Family Time

New Era has a history of getting our clients great deals and helping them complete their debt settlement program in less than average time. Most programs are designed to be completed within 3 to 4 years, but New Era clients historically average a completion time of only 27.73 months. When you work hard and dedicate yourself to getting your finances back on track, then you have more time to take care of yourself and your family.

Self-care is critical, as you cannot be expected to take care of others if you are unable to take care of yourself. Too often, we neglect our health to focus on other things, but health should be a top priority. As a happy and healthy individual, you can reap the benefits life has to offer.

Less Stress and Worry

Stress can keep you up at night and can also present itself as a physical ailment. This goes hand in hand with taking care of yourself. When your debt is resolved and the burden is taken off your shoulders, you look forward to less stress and worry occupying your mind. You also can enjoy less stress because collectors will no longer be tirelessly calling you to get their money.

Stress and worry can also drain you, making it difficult to sleep and be your best self. Your quality of life can be immediately improved by eliminating the worries associated with debt. One of the greatest benefits about debt relief programs is knowing you will not have to worry about your debt growing substantially because it will be gone.

Financial Habits

All the time you spend cutting back on things you don’t really need, creating budgets, and telling yourself to hang in there will instill good financial habits in your everyday life. You can move forward with these same habits to stay on track with your finances and reap the benefits of your financial knowledge. You can also use our blog as a resource to stay on track and remind yourself of why financial freedom is important to you during and after the process.

More Time and Patience

Instead of spending time earning extra income or dodging calls from collectors, you get back more hours in the day. You also learn patience, as the road to debt settlement can be a tough journey that takes time.

Time is one of the most valuable things we have as humans, but we don’t always realize it until it is gone. Some people in debt relief programs typically have one regret, which is that they should have begun the program sooner. We understand it can be hard to make the call, which is why New Era’s friendly staff serves as a helping hand and not a sales person desperately trying to meet their numbers for the day. We have been settling debt since 1999 and have the experience to achieve your financial goals.

Financial Freedom FAQs

What is True Financial Freedom?

True financial freedom is defined as a state of financial independence where an individual or their household has the ability to make choices and live life on their own terms without being limited by financial constraints. It is the freedom to make decisions based on personal values, goals, and other life priorities rather than being driven by financial considerations.

Achieving true financial freedom involves having sufficient financial resources, assets, and passive income streams to cover one’s living expenses, maintain a desired lifestyle, and pursue aspirations without being reliant on a paycheck or traditional employment. It goes beyond simply having wealth or a high income and emphasizes the ability to have control over one’s financial destiny.

What Are Key Elements in Achieving Financial Freedom?

  • Adequate Savings and Investments: Building a substantial savings cushion and making strategic investments that generate passive income and grow wealth over time.
  • Debt Management and Elimination: Minimizing and responsibly managing debt, including paying off high-interest debts and maintaining a healthy credit score.
  • Passive Income Streams: Developing diverse sources of passive income, such as rental properties, investments, royalties, or businesses that generate income even when not actively working.
  • Financial Independence from Employment: Having the financial means to pursue work that aligns with personal interests and passions rather than being solely motivated by financial necessity.
  • Budgeting and Lifestyle Choices: Practicing mindful spending, budgeting, and prioritizing expenses based on personal values and long-term goals.
  • Emergency Fund and Risk Management: Building a robust emergency fund to handle unexpected expenses and having appropriate insurance coverage to mitigate financial risks.
  • Long-Term Financial Planning: Creating a comprehensive financial plan that addresses retirement savings, estate planning, and future financial goals.
  • Time and Location Freedom: Having the flexibility to allocate time as desired and the ability to live and travel to different locations without being tied to a specific job or location due to financial constraints.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of financial freedom? Contact one of our friendly counselors at New Era Debt Solutions to find the debt relief option that fits your needs and budget.