Pump the Brakes on High Gas Expenses

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Some people make purchasing decisions based on how much of their workday it will take to pay off the item. For example, if you endure long commutes to work, you might break down how many gas trips you’ll need to make in a given week. Depending on your situation, it could equate to an eighth or even a fourth of your day’s salary. When you think about it in these terms, fueling up can feel like all your money is disappearing into your gas tank.

New Era Debt Solutions offers 6 ways you can more efficiently fuel up your vehicle and your finances at the same time:

Car Maintenance

One of the best things you can do for your ride is to schedule regular maintenance checks. If the air in your tires is too low, you’ll not only wear them out more quickly, but decrease the quality of your gas mileage. Also be sure to tune the engine regularly, replace the filter, check your oil, and fluid levels so you’re sure you aren’t wasting gas.

Avoid Peak Hours

The beauty of having the Internet quite literally at your fingertips is having the ability to Google search the lowest gas prices closest to you.

You might also find that gas stations will adjust rates based on the time of day. For instance, you may pay more for gas during early morning commute times or during the after-work rush hour. Some people have even found that it is better to pump earlier in the week versus later, as more people tend to hit the road (and the gas pumps) closer to the weekend.

Be aware that gas stations could vary in price based on location. Those nearest a highway or freeway exit could end up being pricier than at pumps further away.

Don’t Wait

If you wait until you’re running dangerously low on fuel, you might be forced to get gas at the nearest location – which could mean steeper gas costs.

Take a Different Route

Remember that the fastest route to your destination may not necessarily be the cheapest. Even if your usual freeway takes slightly less time than the scenic route, you still have to account for the time you may be stuck sitting in traffic, wasting gas unnecessarily. It could be that going the other route would have ended up being faster and more cost-effective.

Changing Your Driving Techniques

There are small things you can do to reduce the amount of fuel you use. Don’t speed (which is just good advice in general), don’t wear out your brake pads by braking more than you need to, don’t tailgate (you won’t need to brake so often if you aren’t following other cars too closely), and don’t keep your engine on when you’re not driving.

Pump the Brakes on Driving

Of course, the best way to save on gas is to not use it at all. Research the difference in costs when it comes to continuing to drive your car or ditching your ride for public transportation or better yet, an eco-friendly bike.

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