An Open Letter to Debt from New Era

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With over 80% of Americans in debt, we thought it was time to take a stand against debt. Today we’ve addressed a letter to the thing that burdens our clients. We’re going to tell debt what we really think about and what how we’re taking action as a company.

Dearest Debt,

It goes without saying that you drag people down. You strike when people are overwhelmed and find themselves in tough financial situations. You prey on people in difficult situations who you know you can take advantage of, but do you still think you can get away with hiding behind student loans or credit cards? You feed off of high interest rates to drag people further down in debt, making it almost impossible for them to come up with a plan to get back on their feet financially. Don’t worry, though – we’ve picked up the slack.

We’ve decided to take a stand: we won’t allow you to drag these people down any further. We make it our mission at New Era Debt Solutions to get our clients back on the road to financial freedom and ensure they don’t lose any more sleep over money. We want to give our clients the opportunity to have fun and live a less stressful life, but it becomes difficult for people to do that when you take over their lives. We do this by giving them the tools necessary to reach financial stability, such as personal finance tips and guidelines to help them create a budget.

We’re also writing you to demand that you stop drowning our friends and clients. We’re taking over because we can deliver a solution based in truth and transparency. We know debt settlement is your kryptonite and that motivates us to help more people.

No one should have to bear the burden of medical, credit card, student loan, or other types of debt. They shouldn’t have to claim bankruptcy or partake in credit counseling. All of these end up costing more than the monthly bill they pay, in the sense that the stress of managing debt can affect a person’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

We give our customers value through expertly negotiated deals and our superior success rate. Take a look at how much debt we’ve settled so far: over $275,000,000. Are you scared yet? You should be. We’re unstoppable and we’re going to continue settling debt because we’re different than all the other debt settlement companies out there – we even created a chart for our customers to compare us to the competition. We’ve got a reputation and a mission we stand by, and we’re here to tell you that we’re putting your handiwork to an end.


New Era Debt Solutions

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