How to Make Positive Financial Changes

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They say that behaviors can be contagious – surround yourself with good people and you’ll develop good habits. We can list off our best financial tips and break down budgets for you, but ultimately, the people around you can shape who you are and how you spend your money. New Era is going to reveal some positive changes to make in your life that can help you make smart financial decisions. 


Surround Yourself with Positive People 


When you are around positive people who want you to be successful, it’s much easier to accomplish your goals and live a happier lifestyle. Negative people can contribute to your financial stress and could end up making the situation unbearable. They tend to not contribute much value to your life and if they cannot offer support in your time of need, then it’s time to say farewell. 


Say “No” to Shopaholics 


Bid adieu to money-spenders in your life who are constantly at the mall, store, or anywhere they can easily hand over their credit cards in exchange for items that don’t enhance the value of their lives. It may sound tough to cut off friends or family who negatively impact you, but you don’t have to completely restructure your life to do this. You can distance yourself from those who seem to have a bad influence on you and spend more time with the people who will keep you on the right track. 


Cultural and Societal Influences 


Regardless of where you live, being in debt is difficult. Certain cultures and societies make it even harder to deal with though. For instance, it can be expensive to live in coastal states like California and New York. The Los Angeles and Manhattan lifestyles make it challenging when you are trying to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Though we don’t suggest uprooting your whole life to stray away from these types of societies, we do encourage you to disconnect from them and focus on you 


Not all cultures are like our coastal example, but it is crucial to disconnect yourself from the negative parts of a society that have a bad influence on you. These influences can have emotional effects that impact your spending. Remind yourself that you don’t need to fill your life with meaningless purchases just to compete with your neighbors. 


Be More Mindful 


Pay more attention to how and why you spend your money. Are you realizing a pattern of impulse purchases? Do you spend money when you are in a certain mood? Take a step back and asses your spending habits. Consider these questions when you are also in the moment and about to hand over your hard-earned money. What are you buying? Do you really need it? Will it enhance your life in some way? Will it contribute value later? Sometimes a quick second is the difference between money spent and money saved. 


Are you burdened by debt? Contact New Era Debt Solutions today to find the debt reduction option that best fits your needs. We’re here to help you get back on the road to financial freedom.