Environmentalism That’s Good For Everyone’s Budget

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It’s a popular myth that living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is expensive. But in fact, reusing, reducing, and recycling practically goes hand in hand with saving money; both stem from the goal of consuming less.

Historically, people have consumed and wasted less in times of economic hardship. But even during these fast-paced times, one-time use products are the norm. While it’s not easy to be environmentally conscious on a budget, it is possible. And if done right, you will save money in the long haul.

New Era Debt Solutions presents the following ways you can save money while being more environmentally conscious:


Constantly changing fashion trends and relatively low costs of clothing has made it very easy to view textiles as disposable. Not to mention, online shopping has compounded the problem. But these clothes aren’t necessarily high-quality, and some textiles made from recycled plastic actually release toxins and plastic particulates through every wash, ending up in our water supply.

Rather than purchasing new and cheap textiles that need to be replaced after just a few wears, opt to pay more for high-quality, durable materials that can last for years. If you can’t afford the price tag of new clothes, peruse secondhand stores, flea markets, and yard sales.

Investing in long-lasting clothing will save you money on your clothing budget because you won’t need to replace items in your wardrobe due to wear and tear.


Perhaps the most important of the three R’s; reusing is both the easiest and the hardest. Almost any product you purchase can be swapped for a reusable version and while this might carry a heftier price tag upon initial purchase, it can save you money in the long run while protecting the planet.

Almost all cotton and paper products can be swapped for reusable versions. Paper towels can be swapped for sponges, plastic cups for porcelain mugs, and paper napkins for cloth ones. Many coffee shops even offer a discount when you bring your own mug, so you’ll save even more without having to give up your favorite café drinks.

Even products like cotton rounds, feminine products, and diapers are sold in reusable versions. These involve more cleanup but a lot less ongoing purchases.


All of the above also applies to accessories like jewelry, shoes, and even glasses frames. Old jewelry can be cleaned and polished to be like new. Shoes can be re-soled, polished, and resized, and glasses frames can be replaced with new lenses. The next time you need a new pair of glasses, consider looking for your mom’s old frames to save a few hundred dollars!

If you do end up purchasing products that come with a lot of packaging, consider what other ways you might use them before you throw them away or even recycle them. If you buy beverages in glass bottles, you could inherit new, reusable water bottles. Have seedlings to replant? Consider using an egg container, paper cup, or yogurt container as a transitionary pot.

You may not be able to eliminate the products you purchase and consume but by learning to reduce, reuse, and repurpose them, you can lower your carbon footprint while saving your hard-earned cash at the same time.

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