Media touts New Era as Top Debt Relief Program in the Country

Many Americans are in debt, and every day, people search for safe, secure and effective debt relief programs. In fact, according to the Federal Reserve, the total consumer debt in America is $3.8 trillion, and this is excluding mortgages. Often times, a majority of people end up with more debt than they pay off fully. However, in such cases, there are trusted debt relief programs that can help you out of your dilemma…

PRWeb – New Era Debt Solutions Hits New Milestones

New Era Debt Solutions recently announced that it has hit the milestone mark of settling $200,000,000 (200 million) of debt for its clients. At the same time, they were honored by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for having zero complaints over the last three years…

Alex Viecco Meet and Greet Interview on OMG Talk Show

OMG Talk Show interviews Alex Viecco answering questions about the latest trends in the credit card industry and consumer debt.

Dr. Bunny’s Interview With New Era’s Alex Viecco

Alex Viecco, Debt Specialist and Co-founder of New Era Debt Solutions, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss debt, and your options that will help you get out of debt. Alex shares the five options to getting out of debt and tells us the positive and negative to each option.

Over $250,000,000 Debt Settled Since 1999!
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